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Looking for some fun ways to start the new year? Want to ease your students back in after winter break? Here you go!

These google slides activities can serve as a whole lesson, or be used individually when you need them.  

Also great for any students who finish things early and need that extra task and for choice boards.  

Perfect for Social Emotional Learning, Brain Breaks and Classroom Community! Also... not bad for your sanity! 



  • 2023 Vision Board 
  • "That's so '22" activity - what should be left in last year?
  • 2023 bingo 
    • Blank DIY version included
    • printable worksheet included
  • Predict 2023 Activity 
    • printable worksheet included
  • What I wish you knew in '22 - writing prompt activity 
    • printable worksheet included 
  • Instagram your ideal 2023 activity 
    • printable worksheet included


Good luck in the new year - 

Happy Teaching!

It's Giving New Year - Digital Activities to help you start the new year!


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