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     Through this self paced course you will learn some of my best (and no fail) practices to build a classroom community where students feel safe enough to take risks in their learning.  While much of these stem from theatre lessons, they can be used in any classroom, any grade level and all abilities.   Relationships first - and everything 
else will fall into place!      

What's Included: 

Digital notebook 

  • 3 learning modules
  • Lessons/TEMPLATES: 
    • Stations
    • Opening unit - 5 full lesson plans
    • Classroom Philosophy Lesson
    • I am from template
    • Not your average this or that 
    • Seating chart template
    • Bingo template
    • scavenger hunt template
    • Mood Meter template
    • Find your own Adventure Template
    • Games to build a classroom community
    • "getting to know you" - Digital icebreakers 
    • "How I identify" lesson
    • Keep 3 game
    • "it's GIving 2023" interactive activities
    • Interactive Jamboard background templates
    • Sel activity Menu
    • Maintenance Day templates
    •  Sel check in templates
    • Collaborative slides template

See main course page for more images and information.  


Because of the nature of this product, there are absolutely no refunds.  

Sweet Emotion(s): SEL Course: PREMIUM


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